Farms For Sale in Monteagle, TN

There’s no shortage of farmland in Monteagle, TN, but it takes a skilled real estate agent to help you find the ideal plot for your homestead or equestrian operation. Trust the experts at Gooch-Beasley, Realtors to help you find farm and horse property for sale in an area that’s ideal for your vision. From parcels with water features to flat, tillable plots, we’re committed to helping you find the perfect tract of land,
so you can enjoy life in an idyllic setting.

Horse Property

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Rural Tennessee is equine country, which means there’s no shortage of horse property for sale throughout the area. If you’re raising or training horses, trust us to find the best property for you. We consider essential features when searching for horse property, including space, barn condition, locale, available pastures, plot layout and more.


Check Out Farm Houses
for Sale

Looking to become the owner of a grand farmhouse or ranch-style estate? Our experience in this region gives us the insights you need when looking for farms for sale. Let us help you find property with the right acreage, a prestigious farm house and all the outbuildings you need to start your own agricultural or ranching operation.


Stake Your Claim for
a Homestead

There’s plenty of idyllic rural farmland and farm houses for sale in this region. We invite you to chat with us about your vision for a homestead and let us take the reins on finding properties and parcels that meet your needs. Whether you raise horses or plant crops, there’s a farm nearby you’ll love to call your own—and we’ll find it.

Piece Of Heaven

Explore Farms for Sale in Monteagle, TN

Gooch-Beasley, Realtors knows farmland. Tell us what type of operation you’re running and what your needs are and we’ll scour the greater Monteagle, TN area to find a plot that you’ll be glad to settle into. Reach us today at 931-924-5555 and let us show you the value of working with an agricultural-minded Realtor.

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